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[HELP] Auto spoiler

  • How people make their auto spoiler work in game? Is this related to scripting or do we have to do something during convertion?
    If anyone knows teach me please

  • @Labibmods Hi, to make an automatic spoiler you need to separate the entire spoiler in 2 parts : "struts", and "spoiler". You can take the spoiler from an original gta v car, so you already have the dummies done. If my memory is correct, the t20 has automatic spoiler. Hope it'll help you !

  • @Theoasterix I have another question, In Game If I put a custom spoiler on top of the auto spoiler will it deactivate the auto spoiler or I have to do something so that it will deactivate when I put a spoiler?

  • @Labibmods If you add a tuning spoiler, yes you have to disable it in the carcols.meta. So the original spoiler will disappear.

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