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Vanilla Cars - Drift Handling Understeer

  • Lately i have been trying to like copy a few drift handlings from FiveM Drift Servers onto vanilla cars
    but i want to do so with a Handling Editor.
    I at least managed to get a somewhat good replica onto some vanilla cars but

    my problem is that no matter which car it is i always encounter the same problem which is the cars understeering like a lot
    Its like .. its a basic handling with a Drive Force of 5.47, Traction Curve Lateral of 27.0, Traction Bias Front of 0.48 and so on
    but .. like it does kinda work at low speeds but as soon as it reaches a bit higher speed and goes into drifting it tryes to jump back out of it no matter if i steer against it, hold the handbreak or burnout while drifting and after its back to like completely straight it does not turn anymore at all.
    Besides that it somehow has a lot of grip mid drift like it does not go wide around corners but at like the end of a drift it slides along rly far.

    Does anyone maybe know how to give like the car the abillity to "oversteer" without steering like nothing?
    Cuz i rlllly cant find a solution to it no matter how much i change every option

  • Sounds like you need inverse torque and surface traction overhaul.

    Modifying the handling only gets you so far. The car suddenly gripping is because the game cuts power whilst you are in a slide, in order to help players maintain control, inverse torque reverses that effect. The surface traction overhaul is optional, but it changes the inherent friction levels of various surfaces to give a more realistic driving experience when traction is broken.

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