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Game memory error - replace folder

  • Hello everyone.

    I am getting the memory error, But have no addon cars. I have a replace folder with around 80 replaced cars. Can that also cause the memory error?

  • @jhp simple yes it does I don't recommend replacing that much cars

  • @Zuraxo

    Hi, thanks for your reply

    Is that a general rule, or is it because I have them in one folder only? Would it help to split them up into more folders or would the result be the same?

    I have read about people who have replaced all cars, and added 100s of addon cars with no problems at all. How is that possible then? :)

  • @jhp I have seen people with every car replaced maybe because of the vehicle memory multiplyer but I didn't find it stable in the long term crashes after a while still tho not a memory error but like an clr.dll error which mostly means to much textures to handle what you can try tho what I didn't try is an SSD so it could perhaps work? Didn't bother putting it on a ssd just for real traffic lol

    Personally I'm running max settings NVE , a lot clothes , 2 big rim packs , guns , roads , maps like forest and buildings, sounds and around 40 add-on cars , enb ultra , Reshade custom preset and much more without crashes the not replaced cars don't even bother me that much because of the grafics

    Best regards

  • @Zuraxo

    Does addon cars work right now? I have tried the last couple of days to do addon cars, and it seems that there is no gameconfigs that work right now? I get the memory crash even after adding just 1 addon car.

  • @jhp as for me yea it does work latest update and Gameconfig 1.0.2189.0 with max pets and vehicles i think it is x5?

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