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What happened to the Rezzed Clone Troopers [6.0] Mod?

  • Hello,

    I just noticed that Rezzed's Clone Trooper Mod isn't longer available here.

    "Sorry, this File is not longer available."

    I'm just wondering if its been removed from Rezzed himself or from the Mods/Admins.
    I really liked this Mod because it was the perfect Mod for Clone Wars Fans.

    Thank you for your time


    @Ghostbin Unpublished by the author. If you search in google you'll probably find a "backup" of it in a different mods site (be aware that we don't control such sites and they can contain viruses).

  • @Reyser Thanks for your answer. It's kinda sad because i could download the Pack from another website, the files are there but a Clone Trooper "Maul Trooper" is Missing. The Author doesn't even got Twitter or something like that to contact him..

    Anyways thanks for your help :)

  • @Ghostbin I probably have those. and I'm also thinking of uploading new models like it with new textures.

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