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Are old mods still working on new update ?

  • Hello everyone,

    First of all sorry if this topic has been done before, I've searched the website but couldn't find a search bar for the forum or my answer in a FAQ.
    I'm very new to modding GTA V, got the game for free en EGS a while ago and decided to replay it yesterday, I haven't played since the game was released.

    So, I've installed OpenIV, Scripthook V and Scriptook V .NET and so far so good.
    I'm on the latest update (The Cayo Perico Heist update 1.0.2189.0) so I tried to find recently updated mods that would work for sure to improve the single player story and I didn't find much except VisualV, Realistic Guns Sounds and Simple Trainer.
    Everything else that looks interesting is way out of date (World of variety, FTFR, Vanillaworks Extended Pack, L.A. Roads & Billboards and so on).
    So I was wondering, are they still working on the latest update ? Does it depend on each mod ? Is there a list somewhere of up-to-date mods ?

    Edit : Also, is there a way to check if installed mods are working correctly ? I can check the sound of RGS and the trainer shows up with F3 but I've got no idea if VisualV works properly or not.

    Thanks in advance

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