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Can anyone help me figure out how to let LML work with my game?

  • I am newbie here, and i don't know how to attached files into forum.

    Can anyone help me figured how i can install LML and make it work with my game?. It's crashed everytime i turn it on. Here is vfs log

    [0_1610594811526_vfs.log](Uploading 100%)

  • I haven't used LML but I can tell you, as a newbie myself, that the less addons you have the better.
    I've learned how to do as much as I can manually, much of it by trial and error.
    My game now runs flawlessly whereas before certain addons crashed it.
    I keep my Win 10 system the same way, no app autostarts, not a single app runs in background, except defender.

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