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The future of Map Mods

  • Hey guys. look I only want to know if something like this is even possible. And if any of you can let me know, I would be very grateful.

    I have seen many awesome mansions, and race tracks on this site. They are all pretty cool, but one thing I have noticed is very few map models from other games, movies, TV shows etc. Q13 has his map mods which are awesome, but aside from him, and the Mad Breaker and others, there aren't many on here. I wanna to change that.

    Yes, we have Liberty City, Vice city, I have even seen a Dubai inspired map here. But I want to go hard with more Fantasy/Sci-Fi maps. If anyone has been to my page you can see I'm a huge Star Wars fan (More to come by the way, stay tuned) But one thing we are missing is Star Wars locations. Maps, interiors, etc. We have tons of peds from DC/Marvel/Star Wars/Capcom... on and on. Why not give those characters a place to roam? This will work out beautifully for Machinimas and other videos/Photos

    Here is what I'm asking... With the Liberty City, Vice city, and Chicago mods, I know you have to change the traffic path nodes or whatever (Sorry, I don't know much about scripting) in order to get the peds, and cars to spawn there. So here is what I want to know, is there any way to get the cars to follow the same traffic patterns but in the air sort of like a futuristic city?

    alt text

    This is similar the look I'm going for. I am willing to pay of course (Like I always do) to get someone to figure this out. I want to bring 3D models of either Coruscant, or another Sci-Fi Blade Runner-esque type city where the cars basically follow a traffic path in mid air. The cars could just be an aesthetic, it doesn't have to even be functional. I just want the look of a futuristic Sci-Fi city. It doesn't even have to be a big city, this will mainly be for Machinimas unless you wanna think bigger. If this is in any way possible, please let me know.

    I have seen this community come together some years back to bring the space mod on this site. I didn't even think something like that was possible, but a lot of creators got together and made it happen. Maybe we can come together and see if we can make this happen. This might be a bit far fetched, but it doesn't hurt to ask

    If you actually took the time to read all of this...Thanks!

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