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[VEHICLE] Classic sport bikes

  • Now that games like Ride 4 is out and people have already started porting bikes to GTA, I'd love to see some classic sport bikes. There is a ton of newer bike models already ported, but classics aren't there.

    I think it's a rare opportunity as the bikes are laser scanned and very detailed. And the game has absolute motorcycle world gems.

    Like holy hell; Yamaha FZR 750 R OW 01, Honda RVF750 RC45 and a 92' Fireblade 900RR, Ducati 916 etc.

    There is even the more regural classics of that era, that many people may have even owned and ridden, not just the halo bikes.
    The list of 90's and 2000's classic superbikes and supersports is amazing. Even the 2010's era bikes are there.

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