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Game Decides to Crash at Around 10 Minutes of Gameplay

  • I've decided to start modding GTA V again after a few years ago where I gave up cause I replaced almost every car in the game to find out the RAGE engine can't handle all the polygons so I would constantly get no textures on the map even though my PC can easily run it.

    PC specs:

    i7 7700k @stock speeds
    16GB DDR4 @2133mhz
    GTX 1080 with factory OC
    Game is on a SATA SSD

    I run the game maxed out at 1440p with an uncapped frame rate

    I'll start with what mods I have installed.

    • Replaced most vanilla GTA gun models
    • Naturalvision Remastered with Reshade and ENB on the normal preset
    • VisualV
    • ScripthookV with also DotNet
    • SimpleTrainer
    • SPA (Apartment mod for Story Mode), I had a bug where I couldn't see mission blips but I fixed it by removing some of the mid and lower tier house blips from this mod.
    • Benny's for SP
    • Stance mod
    • Vstancer
    • ELS (for some of the replaced police vehicles)
    • I obviously have the custom gameconfig at default car and peds multiplier with heap adjuster and pack file limit adjuster
    • I have replaced all 3 characters cars with a Charger for F, RS6 for M, and a Land Cruiser for T, also police1, 2, and 3 with an LSPD Crown Vic, the taxi with a Crown Vic, Sheriff1 and 2 with a Crown Vic and Chevy, FIB with an older Crown Vic, the Titan with a C130, Humvee for the military jeep, M1 Abrams for rhino, Chinook for the Cargobob, Blackhawk for annihilator, and Little Bird for buzzard.
    • I have over 160 car addons (I know, its a large amount but I'm a car nerd and since I can't replace every car in GTA, I might as well have a good amount of addons lol), 3 car sound mods, with 3 rim packs. (I own around 4 apartments for each character and they're all full with the addons cars, all modded to my tastes with some using the custom rims.)

    I get really annoying texture pop in with buildings mostly and sometimes roads when driving an addon car, and the custom wheels and parts on my addon cars usually don't load in while in the garage. I have a feeling the addons are causing the random crashing as I don't even get an error code, the game just abruptly crashes to desktop.

    This is really frustrating as I had this issue (texture pop in) before when literally every car was replaced by a high poly car, but now its happening when I'm driving an addon while 98% of the cars are vanilla GTA. Not including the fact that I get crashes after around 10 minutes of playing after using an addon car now, when the game was more stable when I modded it a few years ago, and when it did crash I would at least get an error code.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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