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[SCRIPTS] Dynamic Tachometer HUD | Criterion-Style Brake-To-Drift

  • So the dynamic tachometer works similar to all the tachometer HUD mods we've seen already, like ikt's Underground tachometer, the Initial D Arcade Stage tachometer, LeFix's speedometer, etc.

    But it's dynamic because for each vehicle, you can actually custom set the redline for the gauge cluster. Like with ikt's tachometer, for example, it's obviously unrealistic that vehicle revs up to 9-10K RPM. Or Formula 1 cars and bikes can rev higher than that. So this lets you set a redline per vehicle model, along with probably its idle RPM too. Now your fucking Epsilon tractor won't look like it revs so high, lol.

    Second one is a script that promotes a brake-to-drift type of handling, similar to that of Burnout Paradise or Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, or Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012. Basically, the brake-to-drift arcade handling used in Criterion's games.

    This was once attempted by InfiniteQuestion using custom handling, and it didn't exactly go so great, but I was looking more towards a script.

    We've made scripts to overhaul steering and handling, like how ikt's Manual Transmission allows you to switch gears manually, as the title says, but also fiddles with other things like synchronized driving animations, custom steering wheel rotation, and even an overhauled assist system and enhanced steering. Then you've got those Realistic Driving mods people have made that do things such as apply inertial forces and the like to make cars feel more weighty. Then on top of that, there's even simpler scripts that give the car more power in a slide to prevent/reduce powercutting.

    So in this regard, considering how far we've come, I wonder if an arcade-y driving overhaul could be possible script-wise. The thing that mostly matters is that it should be compatible with ikt's Manual Transmission, especially since I use "Enhanced Steering", which allows custom wheel angles, synchronized animations, etc.

    Does anyone wanna try either of these?

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