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Game Not Reading Add On Mods.

  • Hi all, I have an issue with my add on mods. Hope someone/anyone can help me. NONE of my add-ons are loading. No matter what I type in it keeps giving me the "invalid model" message.

    I am running all the latest legitimate versions of GTA V/Open IV, etc. Nothing is pirated and they never have been.

    I was playing on Friday and didn't have a single issue. Everything was loading just fine. It's currently Sunday night and none of my add-ons work. I can see they're all there in the main folder (steam games>steamapps>common>grand theft auto v>update>x64>dlcpacks)

    I've tried moving some mods to the "grand theft auto>mods>update>x64>dlcpacks" folder as well as copying over update.rpf file but that didn't work. I've verified the integrity of the game files via steam (properties>local files>verify integrity of game files) and that also didn't work.

    Also, for the record replaced mods still work. For example I've replaced the "jet" which is the vanilla 747 with the 747-8i and that still works fine. The "real airport" mod still works, too. Just can't get ANY add on to work.

    I had my game crash, etc before but I've never experienced this. Please someone help me out here. The whole purpose of me playing gta is for the add on Mods.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  • This doesn't really help but it sounds like you and I are having the exact same issue. My add ons don't work either, even though I have everything, the dlclist, the gameconfig, all of it. And all of the sudden it just doesn't work. I've pretty much tried everything and it's driving me crazy, but at least I know that it's not just me.

  • Hey mate, sorry to hear you're having the same issue as I am. I've searched everywhere online so I think our only option might be to un/reinstall GTA V.

    It's tedious as hell but if it works I'll be happy. I might give this another day so hopefully we get a fix but if I can't find and answer I'll reinstall it and let you/everyone know if that fixed it.

  • @EJA1949 Alright then. Keep me posted.

  • Neither is mine..I wonder what Im missing..mods are the only reason I bought the game...I bought an online version, not like a disk or anything..

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