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Game not starting after Car Addon install

  • Hello gentlemen, i have the following issue.

    Did a fresh install of the game and installed mods like scripthook, trainer, a visual modification - works like a charm.
    For some reason the car addons dont work. Installed them via OpenIV->mods and rewrote dlclist like every tutorial says.

    The game does start but closes itself in the story-mode loading screen without any error code.
    Game is playable without the car folders and dlclist edit however.

    Thanks in advance


  • I'm having the same issue. I am using the latest version of a Chiron mod by ahmeda1999. I edit the dlclist.xml, load up the game, select story mode, and then the game crashes without any error codes. I delete the line that I added on dlclist.xml, and the game works fine without issues.

  • @SabzeroMT Been having similar issues.

  • @IlIEquilibriumIlI been having this exact same issue, mods say nothing needs an update but i see no other reason why this would be happening other than compatibility issues with scripthook

  • This post is deleted!

  • You guys need the latest gameconfig mod. Look up "F7YO's gameconfig" and you'll find it, it allows addon vehicles.

    Every time the game gets a major update, you will need to get a new gameconfig. You'll have to wait for F7YO to release a new version when a game update releases as older gameconfig versions will not work.

  • @mrwallace888 I have F7YO's latest game config and it still doesn't work

  • The last couple of forums post here on troubleshooting is about this issue. I think something is broken with addon cars right now, especially if your game has no addon cars and you start adding. Seems all the people who already has working addons have no problems.

    What is going on?

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