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how do I change my gtav mods user name

  • Hello I was trying to chnage my user name on GTAV Mods and I was not able to it was locked. If anyone knows how to change user name please respond!

  • contact the admins to request for a name change


    @toes4121 You simply need to send a Contact form (https://www.gta5-mods.com/contact) requesting an username change and provide the necessary information for it to be made (your actual account name and your desired name mainly).

  • @Reyser Sort of, on this topic. Could you help me please?

    I've just uploaded a mod (my 1st, pending) Though, someone has changed the Author of the original mod in the last 3 days. They appear to have posted in 'VehicleRepairStations' and then deleted, the same version. A mod deemed finished from 2015 and had a 'please credit me' if upload to site. That has been removed now.
    I have a fantastic video, giving credit to the original Author, along with Music permission granted, but the mod appears to have been 'overtaken'. - help me, not waste 72hrs.

    What should I do? What can I do?
    I've just now, re-asked permission but alas, my expanded version, is already waiting for approval.
    I don't want to post the video to youtube, if we can't sort this out. I don't want to break any rules.

    On post chat, will confirm.



    @Rambosmother Don't hijack the thread please. Send me a DM or create a new topic for your problem.

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