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Any mod that helps in the infurating Beast Hunt (Easter Egg)?

  • Hello.

    I've collected all 7 golden peyotes and I'm currently trying to find the Beast. That has got to be the most aggravating and boring mini-game I've ever played. First of all you've got to follow a growl which most of the time you can hardly tell where it's coming from, even with earphones. Then the game makes you get stuck running in loops, because apparently, there are "invisible checkpoint" you need to run through. I downloaded some maps with these checkpoint routes but it didn't help me at all. The game still makes me run in circles, always getting back to the same bodies. I can find max 3 bodies when I'm lucky (believe me, I tried this game countless times).

    So, I tried playing with mods and without mods. The only difference is, when using mods ( I tried Native Trainer and ENT), I can't climb walls or pick up weapons as Bigfoot. But regardless of the cheat I activate (fast run, etc..), the game still makes me run in circles.

    Is there any mod out there that actively helps in this hunt? Something that forces the game to show the said "checkpoints" or forces the game to always guide you to the next body?

    Please, bear in mind, I don't just to play as the Beast (there is a mod for that, I know), I want to complete the hunt and fight the Beast.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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