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Car fall through road...?

  • I'd like some help with this issue, please. I have really tried to find more info on this online, but all of the ways I can think describing my problem only pulls up a bunch of non-related stuff GTA stuff.

    I downloaded a vehicle. I can spawn it using a trainer. If I spawn in it, the game crashes. If I choose not to not to spawn in it, the vehicle spawns, but I can walk THROUGH the car. I CAN get in the car, but when I do, and I try to drive, the vehicle just falls through the map.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • i believe it has something to do with vehicleslayout.meta. unfortunately, i dont know the fix for that but you can do some research on it

  • @drlq99 Thank you for your suggestion. I'm going to research the term. Thank you.

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