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Freezing and Stuttering/Lag at Random Times

  • I've been experiencing some freezes/crashes in my modded GTA and I cannot figure out what's causing it. I get 60-100 fps everywhere in the game but at random points it will suddenly drop to like 5 for a second or two and then go back up to normal. I've also had the game just freeze and then close a few seconds later. Previously I've had probably double the mods I have installed now and I've never had this issue.

    I have NaturalVision installed along with about 35 replaced cars and 6 or 7 add-ons. Some of the replaced cars don't have LODs so I've had to up the LODs in the vehicles.meta, which to me seems to be the only thing that could be causing it.

    I have a good system and 32gb of ram. Hopefully someone can help.

  • @Joose
    If you suspect vehicles, this might help.

    Empty 'popgroups.ymt' & 'vehicleModelSets.meta' (when installed no (unscripted) vehicles will spawn).

    Make backup of originals first :thumbsup:

    Install 'popgroups.ymt' here:


    Install 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' here:


    If the problem goes away, you're almost certainly talking an issue with vehicles. Could be performance related tho, ie could be something else that only happens when your PC is being taxed (removing all vehicles this way (ie not with a trainer etc) gives a huge performance increase with it).

    Try that out, the performance increase should allow you to up your graphics settings a little over what you normally play at, spawn a car with a trainer & go do some time trialing or something while enjoying the extra visuals.
    Play long enough to be confident the issue has disappeared (if it does) & then revert your files. Either way, let me know your results :thumbsup:

  • So I drove around for about 25 minutes with those files in and I still got the frame dropping. It dropped to about 15-20 fps. It happened nearly immediately when I loaded into the game and 2 or 3 times while I was driving. It also happened on the map screen about 6 or 7 times which seems odd to me.

    I also have Single Player Garages Reloaded if that's any help. I haven't tried removing any mods like NaturalVision or SPGR yet.

  • @Joose

    • Try test removing your 'scripts' folder (rename it, load game etc). If it fixes it, test scripts individually with a focus on any that introduce multiplayer content into single-player or open up parts of the game that are usually closed (Open All Interiors, Online Interiors & such, including SPGR etc).

    • Try a DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) reinstall of your GPU drivers (uninstall in Windows Safe Mode, reinstall latest driver normally) to eliminate any driver issues.

    • Also run a Check Disk on your OS & game drive (if different) & run a System File Scan.
      For Check Disk, still run the test even if you get this message:

    You don't need to scan this drive  We haven't found any errors on this drive. You can still scan the drive for errors if you want.
    • Any overclocked components? Check & benchmark them again, make sure they are still stable or test setting to default & see if issue resolved etc.

    If none of that fixes it, you're most likely talking game files, report back & we'll tackle test diagnosing them :thumbsup:

  • I renamed my scripts folder and the severity of the frame drops seemed to decrease. I didn't get them as often and they only dropped to 25 or 30 fps. Then I renamed my mods folder as well and the severity seemed to go down even more, only dropping to 45 fps or so. But they were still occurring.

    I guess this means either an issue with my game or with my system?

  • @Joose
    Verify your vanilla game files for whatever version of the game you have & download new ones.
    See if you can get vanilla GTA V working without frame dips & work from there :thumbsup:

  • I verified my game and took out every mod and drove around a bit and I still ended up getting bad frame drops. I'm pretty sure it was vanilla, or very close to it. I know my computer can handle the games graphics because I used to mod the game before, and I have the same PC. I checked my CPU and GPU temps and usage and everything seemed fine there as well. I also have the latest Nvidia driver for my GPU.

    GTA V is the only game that is doing this to me, so I don't think its anything wrong with my system. I looked at some posts online and nothing really seems to help. Not sure where to go from here.

  • @Joose
    Basically, you're just going to have to throw everything you can think of at it & see if anything changes the outcome. Even if it makes it worse it's diagnostically useful.

    With that in mind, here's a few things to try:

    • Search your C: drive for 'pc_settings.bin' & 'cfg.dat', they should both be in the same folder & related to GTA V/Social Club etc (don't delete any others you might find for different software obvs). Once found, back them up & then delete them. Also delete the 'settings.xml' in Documents after backing it up.
      All three files will be recreated on starting the game. See if it makes any difference?

    • If you haven't already, do a DDU GPU Driver reinstall, Checkdisk & System File Scan (links to instructions in previous post)

    • Set you're CPU to 'High' priority (there are programs like System Explorer that can set it to High Priority automatically each start (reverts on restart if done manually in Task manager etc)).

    • Test remove any overclocking you have

    • Test remove any ENB/Reshade

    • Use MSI Afterburner or such while gaming to monitor your CPU/GPU usage & temps etc (monitor everything you can, might highlight something, you'll be able to see exactly what your PC is doing when the frame drops occur etc)

    • Diagnostic/Information Gathering:
      Reduce all in-game Distance Scaling settings to minimum, set graphical settings higher than normal if you can, drive around & see if your framedrops still happen & how severe they are? (basically, relieve pressure on the CPU & place more on the GPU, if less severe/issue fixed etc, might indicate CPU issue/bottleneck, more severe might suggest GPU related issue)

    • Use 'dlclist.xml' to remove as many dlc's as you can (inc. vanilla ones) & gauge how the game performs like that/if it makes any difference etc.

    More Desperate/Time Consuming Options:

    • Delete/move GTA V '.rpf' files before verifying game to make sure completely new fresh files are downloaded
    • Reinstall game to completely new folder location

  • So I've just tried most of the things you've listed and still I can't get the frame drops to go away. But before I try some of them more lengthy solutions, I wanted to ask something.

    I got a freeze and then CTD while driving around and I looked at the Windows Event Viewer and it said the cause was a file called clr.dll. I looked it up but I couldn't really get a good idea about what it was. I'm not sure if it helps at all but I just wanted to ask about it to see if that gives any more info.

  • @Joose Seems you've tried just about everything. One thing that has worked for me in the past has been updating my video drivers. If you have an Nvidia card you should be fine, if you have an AMD card their drivers are total crap. Nothing to lose by updating.

  • @Joose
    Try this gameconfig (F7YO's gameconfig fixed a random 'clr.dll' crash for me recently) :thumbsup:

    There are older versions in the download, test a few of the more recent ones out, as if any of them fix it, you will be able to pinpoint the values that have changed between files & maybe find your way to what is causing it/be able to avoid it in future etc :thumbsup:

  • I use that gameconfig when I normally play, but I tried out a few different versions from it and I still get that clr.dll crash.

    I guess I'll try to reinstall my drivers or move GTA to a different drive.

    Also I've just realized that some of the radio stations on the radio wheel don't have an icon when I have my mods folder active, they're just white circles. If I rename my mods folder and play, they're back to normal. I have no idea what that means but maybe it'll help.

  • @Joose
    Radio Station icons are in this '.ytd' here:


    Probably an unrelated issue, but can't rule out 'update.rpf' being slightly corrupt or something :thinking:.
    Before reinstalling, perhaps try manually rebuilding your 'update.rpf' using a fresh vanilla 'update.rpf'.

  • I tried the DDU and I still get the same crashes. I'll probably try a reinstall soon but I'm not sure it will help.

    The error files I get when I crash are "clr.dll" "ntdll.dll" and "KERNELBASE.dll" if that is any help.

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