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Light rays coming out of street lights

  • Hey guys. So I have been trying to compile some graphics mods into one and creating something nice. The only issue I am facing is the street lights and their glows and how they look like orange balls from distance. I would really love it if someone helps me to know which exact file to edit or line and parameters to change to get the look I am trying to find. Thank you all in advance. Help a fellow newbie out please :)

  • @NoRMaD
    Give us some screenshots of the stuff you want to edit & an idea of what you want to edit them into. Thanks :thumbsup:
    I'm not sure if you want the light rays or the orange balls, or both edited? :slight_smile:

    Also, given that it's certainly streetlight related, try out this mod as a diagnostic tool (make backups of files first obvs):

    White LED Streetlights With HDSRL Lighting Technology

    It has a few different coloured versions in it, try out purple etc & if the things you want to edit change to purple compare the files to your originals using something like DiffChecker & the difference between them will give you an idea of what you have to edit etc :thumbsup:

  • alt text

    This is what I wanna get rid of. This only happens in specific weathers like clear and extrasunny. On some of them this intensifies and spreads to give a glow. I wanna lower the intensity of this so that it does not look so artificial.

    Any help would be great.. maybe the lines which control this in the timecycles??

    NVE has an addon called "Decrease vanilla street light intensity", but I can't implement that in Fivem for some reason.

  • @NoRMaD
    Just so you know you can remove them completely in the 'settings.xml' file by setting:

        <Lighting_FogVolumes value="false" />

    The intensity, size & range of them can be edited with these values in the timecycle files:


    Editing Colour of FogVolumes:
    For editing the colours, export the streetlight to XML with Codewalker's RPF Explorer (get Codewalker from that Discord link, version on this site is out of date) & edit them with a Text Editor of choice (Notepad++ etc). :thumbsup:


    • Codewalker > '[<<]' (button (top right)) > 'Tools' > 'RPF Explorer...'
    • Search for 'prop_streetlight_01.yft' etc in the top right global search box
    • Right-click on the one in your 'mods' folder that is loaded by the game & select 'Export XML... Ctrl+S'
    • Open the exported 'prop_streetlight_01.yft.xml' with a text editor of choice & edit these highlighted values to change the colour & reduce the '<Intensity value=' line to reduce the intensity:


    - Import

    • Back to Codewalker's RPF Explorer window & find the 'prop_streetlight_01.yft' file you exported
    • Right-click on it again & select 'Open File Location'
    • Switch to '[:shield:Edit Mode]' on the top bar & accept the warning.
    • Right-click anywhere in the folder & select 'Import XML... Shft+Ins'
    • Find & import the 'prop_streetlight_01.yft.xml' etc file you edited earlier
    • That's it, test the result in-game :thumbsup:

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