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Video of 85 Scenario Animations - World Human

  • Some of these don't do anything, and it's not a scripting error - I copied and pasted the names from a list i found on the web.
    Maybe some aren't GTA IV? Script was actually written with help from Microsoft Excel string functions. Took about 1 minute total, instead of coding each line by hand.

  • Some work on specific ped models, not sure what handles that

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thanks. If anyone can identify which peds those broken ones work with I don't mind redoing the video.

  • Update: I redid the scenarios with both the Spy Actress and Michael and indeed many of the null animations were animated with Michael.
    I also noticed that some scenarios behave differently at random. For example, Cheering comes in 2 forms. One with just clapping and the other with clapping and jumping for joy. Not sure how the game decides which one to show, but run them 10 times and you will get different outcomes each time (1 of 2 as far as I can tell).
    Also, the same animations are not exactly the same for these 2 models.
    For example, Michael sits with his legs wide open while Spy covers up by crossing her legs at the knees and/or ankles.
    In jogging Michael wipes of sweat off his brow, Spy does not.

  • Hi.

    So what you will want to look at is scenarios.meta.

    In that file you will see that each overall WORD_HUMAN_XXX_XXX(and other types) has a ConditionalanimsGroup(CAG, from now). Inside of each CAG you will discover several entries, often divided into both male and female variations (A,B,C etc) of the same scenario type(CScenarioplayanimsinfo).

    All of these entries are conditional, and the conditions(CScenarioCondition) can be anything from a "time of day" requirement to weather types, to the ped having a specific Bravery flag, and much much more.

    This was just a very brief overview of the how the animation metadata of scenarios are structured, but I hope it at least answered a couple of questions for you.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • @grateful_for_mods This is great to know and I will add it to the thread I started regarding documentation. Cheers.

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