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openiv mods stopped working

  • before i begin i must specify, the mods stopped working, what i was using in the past worked before. anyway, for some reason out of the blue my openiv mods just randomly stopped working. some examples of the mods i was using are NVE, replaced vehicles, and replaced guns. prior to the error i did nothing with my game and all my menus and plug-in mods still work it is only my replaced graphics and entities that have stopped working. all the criteria on openiv is up to date so is my scripthook and anything else i would need to use replaced mods. also, i checked my gun modes and vehicle models in openiv and the custom guns/vehicles are in openiv however they won’t load into my game and my gta5 still recognizes that i do have NVE (with the logo and “Grand Theft Auto VI” title) so i am just very confused on why my game will not load these mods

  • update: so the problem has fixed itself? i think it was due to the game config i was using because after i went to stock everything was back to normal, strange.

  • @i8herout Did you have OpenIV's ASI Loader or whatever? That's what loads the "mods" folder and all that.

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