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REM Project.

  • Hi! My name is Matteo, I am becoming a developer, I am studying C#, I am also a video editing technician self-taught for 10 years, passionate about cinema, some years ago I thought: "Why not start and create a story, using a video game? Why not use video games as a tool to tell one or more stories, invented or not, why not create my own movie, my own series?". So, one year ago, I started a project, which consists in creating a huge Fivem server, and create a series based on roleplaying, but using the awesome language of the Cinema, creating a sort of TV series on the web, by telling stories, whether they are my personal, other people's stories, everyday facts, invented stories, but that can leave out some beautiful messages and more, hit people hard thanks to a video game, all thanks to an advanced roleplay system. Make a movie using a video game.

    I am searching for developers having at least 5 months of experience in C# and/or having experience with GTA V modifications, by GTA V modifications is meant experience related to creation of modifications, general knowledges of the environment, good learning skills; a copy of the game and a PC to run it, experience with Fivem, decent English and/or Italian language knowledges, good and fluent English and/or Italian language is preferable, experience in co-working, maximum availability and professionality, experience with other modifications, Fivem and/or coding projects is preferable.
    If you think you are appropriate, if you have questions, it is possible to contact me using the contacts below for a fast response, even if you don’t have prerequisites, we can discuss about it and I will explain you everything in detail.
    This post can be modified in future.

    Email pergolizzimatteo8@gmail.com
    Discord Matteo#9706
    Telegram https://t.me/mteomi

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