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add-on cars and replace cars

  • Hey !
    My question is easy, when I insert new car in GTA I like to see it appear sometimes. Is it possible if I download an add-on car to install it as replace car ?

    I'm noob in modding but I'm always angry when I see a beautiful car which will never naturally appears because it's an add-on, so if it's possible, do not hesitate to give me details.

    Thank you very much

  • @q7frkz Hi! Yes It's possible, but not every time, specifically, sometimes is more harder, it depends if the model is available in a folder, or if you need to convert or extract it; if you mean to download the add-on and put it as a replace car, probably it will not work.

  • @Tekarovt ok ok, thats'not cool lot of beautiful cars are in add-on so you will never see them in city, I don't understand why there isn't only "replace car"

    taht's not important but just boring

    thank you

  • @q7frkz it is possible to replace car if there is folder to replace then you can replace it easily but if there is only addon then you have to copy it to "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks"
    then using open iv go to the location where to copied the car then open car folder dlc.rpf x64/levels/gtav/vehicles.rpf
    then extract the car files (.YTD) and (.YFT) files rename it to the car you want to replace then use open iv to locate car files then replace it and you're done after that you can remove car folder from

  • if you want it to appear naturally then just change the popgroups file. Beware though, excessive use of mods that don't have LODs will cause instability.

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