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Arduino/Rasp. Pi, etc mod ideas?

  • I've recently made Arduino mods publicly and for personal use and I was wondering if there are any other users who are interested in the idea of bringing GTA 5 into a more "physical" environment by using things like an Arduino, or even a Raspberry Pi.

    If you are interested in these things, let me know if you'd want something to be done or if you have an idea for a mod using one of the products.


    ***I am not 100% with Raspberry Pi and the python software it uses, but I know some of it. I will probably be able to do more mods with Arduino than anything else.

  • Maybe mod and library for Arduino?
    I mean in Arduino (plugged to computer) I write for example "iswanted = GTAV.wantedStars > 0" or something...

    (Sorry for my English)

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