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  • I really wish the forums would be fixed for mobile. The layout is not right and you can't click the icon to read your messages. When you are typing, you can't see what you are doing which can be frustrating. You also cannot make new topics since you are met with the error "category does not exist".

  • @CamxxCore Can you please take some screenshots showing these issues? I'm either not seeing them or not understanding where the issues are. Please also mention what mobile device you're using (make, model, operating system). Thanks!

  • @rappo
    I have an iphone 5, using ios 9.0.2.

    Here is what happens when I am typing a message to somebody:


    You can see how the keyboard popup covers the text area.

    I wasn't able to reproduce the problem with the layout/ new message icon since I don't have a new message atm (not important enough) :p But in this photo I have circled where the icon usually shows:


    When I try to click it to read my messages, it doesn't work. But there seems to be a "sweet spot" so to say, off to the side where I can click the top banner and the new messages interface will show. Of course I can just go to notifications area but it would be nice to be able to use that button :D

  • @rappo It would be GREAT to get an actual phone notification android/apple when somebody replys to your post, tags you &/or a followed mod is updated.

    Not sure if anything like this is possible.

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