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GTA crashes in title with add ons

  • Whenever I launch GTA 5 with add on cars it crashes in title, but is fine without them and with just replacements. I can’t think of what i haven’t tried. I have script hook up to date, I have the config everyone recommends with the 2 mods in the description, GTA is up to date, I edit the dlc list, I put the files in the right places. My specs and storage/memory are not a problem. I don’t know what more I can do. I must have watched at least an hours worth of tutorial and read posts in here. Thanks

  • Have you figured it out. This is what Ive been looking for because this is exactly what's happening with me

  • IVpack has crashed my game before, let me follow this thred too

  • crashing during launch indicates either a problem with the gameconfig, or the content.xml of a given file. OpenIV has a log that lists everything as it is loaded. If there is a problem with a specific vehicle, then that mod will be the last thing listed in the log. If the last item in the log is a seemingly random item unrelated to any of your mods, its more likely a bad gameconfig, or you have reached the memory limits of the game, and need to use the packfile and heap limit adjusters.

  • @ItsJustCurtis

    I’m new to this, how do I access that file?

  • its in the root folder of your game. Just look for openiv.log. The search function in openiv is also very powerful

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