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Custom rims?

  • I have vehicle that I'd love to change rims on. The vehicle points to Vehshare for its rims, but if I edit Vehshare, then a bunch of vehicles will use those rims, which I really don't want.

    I have tried extracting the DDS image in Vehshare that has the rims, and I've tried moving that image into the vehicle's files, but hasn't changed anything.

    I've also noticed that while previewing a vehicle through Open IV, I can add and remove "skins" in the directory, but that doesn't save. It always reverts back.

    What's a good way to make a specific vehicle use specific rims? Thanks!

  • @LVL3

    First option: by remodeling the car in zmodeler 3 (why would you when youre able to just tune you car)
    Second option: just get a rim pack or some sort of that and change them via LSC or trainer

  • @Zuraxo
    Thank you! I just assumed that the vehicles I want to change rims to, that there wasnt a way to change their rims (air tug and forklift.)

    I didn't know about Zmodeler. I JUSt started modding GTA again. I hadn't touched it since 2017, so Im out of touch. I'll try a rims DLC, and try it that way.

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