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Can somone test my mod to let me know if it works

  • so I received comments for my map mod telling me that the mod doesn't work even though when I use it works perfect. can someone please verify to me if it works. link:


  • @TaylanOran Works here... or at least it loads without problems, didn't play the map. Have just noticed... all the soldier's feet are below the ground.

    alt text

  • that's strange. it shouldn't be doing that. all should be levelled on the ground. I only just loaded It today, I didn't see anything like this

  • @TaylanOran I've had issues like this before with map Editor. I was doing a bus based mod and had placed around 90 bus stops in what I thought were perfectly aligned positions. When I drove round checking them, a large number were sunk into the ground. Never worked out what caused it but it was a pain.

    It might look alright in map editor while you're editing it, mine did, but when the objects were spawned at those coordinates, they were wrong. If I get chance, I will load the map into the map editor while I am in edit mode and check that out for you as well.

    Edit: Here you go... feet are fine in edit mode.

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 Could this be fixed by simply placing the pedestrians slightly above the ground?
    I've never use the Editor, so I have no idea. But that's how I usually fixed such issues in editors for other games.

  • @GTATerminal That's exactly what I had to do. I had to take screenshots of every bus stop that was wrong, then sit and try and estimate how wrong I had to place them in the editor to compensate for it... it's a mess.

    I think with people it's easier, because they should naturally drop onto the ground when they become active.

  • Interestingly, the sunken feet problem doesn't seem to exist in my testbed installation. In Windows 10 using my rolled-back version, the feet were on the ground after loading the map... strange. :confounded:

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