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how replace add-on car on default game cars?

  • hey every one i dont like use add on car iwant replace them on orginal game cars how can i do it ?tnx

  • @nimapd Rename the add-on vehicle's name to the name of the car you like to replace and put them in the necessary rpf. (×64e, patchday(number)ng, mpXxxx)
    Change the name again in vehicles.meta and handling.meta. Like Huracan to Vacca.
    Replace the section of the vanilla car in handling and vehicles meta files.

    For dials,
    look for something like this:

    Change <parent>xxxxx</parent> to the line given in the vehicles.meta in the add-on dlc.

    Tuning parts is kinda long to explain, you have to edit carcols.meta.

    Here's an example of an add-on Alfa Romeo 4C's roof tuning line:

    <linkedModels />
    <turnOffBones />
    <audioApply value="1.000000" />
    <weight value="20" />
    <turnOffExtra value="false" />
    <disableBonnetCamera value="false" />
    <allowBonnetSlide value="true" />

    I don't have much knowledge about this thing.

    And why do you hate add-on method? It's pretty easy to do, and save a lot of time.

  • @Akila_Reigns TNX FOR TIPS.and about your question that why idont want add on cars:what about games orginal cars imean i want game look real so i should change all these cars :ghost:

  • @nimapd You better have a gaming monster if you want to do that. xD

  • gaming monster?you mean my pc?yeap
    asus strix 1080 8gb
    32gb ripjaw v cl16
    core i7 6850k
    asus rampage v10

  • @nimapd Still, it will slow down your PC if you replace all the vanilla cars.
    I have almost all those things, except I have a Maximus VIII and i7 6700k overclocked to 4.7Ghz.

  • how about m2 ssd ?and what you mean by slowing?

  • @nimapd Decrease in FPS.
    I have Neutron XT 240 GB. I'm a Corsair Guy. K95 and a M65 PRO.

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