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OpenIV - Error loading file, probable file is corrupt

  • Hi all,

    Since the update of December I have been experiencing errors. As I have fixed most of them, I still have one returning error which keeps messing up my entire game making it unplayable. The game gives the "ERR_GEN_ZLIB_2" error on loading. I have traced it back to several vehicle models and EUP files (almost all of them... :unamused: ). OpenIV gives the message "Error loading file, probable file is corrupt" when opening mainly .ytd files, but .ydd files as well.The files have never given problems before, and backups from far before the update/error keep giving the same problem...

    Anyone any idea on how to fix this? I have already tried verifying and re-installign the game files. I have put a lot of time in customizing the EUP files, so starting all over would not be the most optimal solution.


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