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Addon Vehicles Modkits Not Working

  • Just installed the Vigero VL1 and for a while I've been messing around with it to try and get the mod kits working in game. They dont show up in Menyoo, or in INM SP Benny's not quite sure why thats the case though.

    Also, in the Addon Vehicle Spawner mod the Modkit ID just says "none" again not quite sure why thats the case, if anyone has some insight it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    P.S - It is all properly installed, at least I think, as the car works fine in game and such just cant use tuning.

  • the modkit id is conflicting with another id from another car. simply change the modkit id in carcols.meta and carvariations.meta of the vl1. make sure to change the id value (just below the modkit line) with the same number in carcols as well. i usually change it to 700+ and it works fine

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