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What happened to the Lively World mod?

  • Okay so this has been bothering me since 2019, basically the mod author, Eddlm, has now gone off grid since December of 2018 where his last update of the mod was posted on the page. It's a really good mod especially when paired with the World of Variety mod. I played with Lively World after a while and I really enjoyed the game more.

    Comparing it to Cyberpunk's E3 trailer where the crowd was dense and like the city had so much more life to it. Sadly several bugs in the Lively World mod made the mod itself crash rendering it useless to be played in a long time period. Yes it may differ from pc to pc but I think the mod should be fixed regardless. Now that the author is now off the grid nobody has ever made a mod like it or stepped up/volunteered to fix it.

    It's really sad cos there are over 2000 comments on the page asking for an update but no one really answers anymore. I'm not a mod dev myself since I have another job but if anyone here or out there is willing/volunteering to make a similar mod the GTA community will thank you for that. I hope someone reads this and I also hope to see your thoughts regarding this matter. :D

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