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A "new" open world gaming experience of travel

  • Hello guys, I'm looking to post a handling mod I've been making for quite some time. The handling file consists of real world commercial jet handling which hasn't been done yet in a game like GTA V. I get it, flying a 737-747-777-787 jumbo jet at 150-200 miles per hour top speed doesn't make any sense and this mod I'm releasing can cure the nonsense or maybe you're looking for a mod that's... different. The only downside to this is that Los Santos isn't big enough for real world commercial simulation, so I want to introduce this mod to you guys and hopefully we can expand the sandbox of GTA and allow a heavy realistic feel of real world simulation and euphoria with maps positioned 50+ miles away from Los Santos allowing for a realistic travel feel. "Well, why don't you just play flight simulator instead?" Already have it, but whats different about this simulation is you can travel and also interact with the gaming world around an infinitely large map, as well as a whole city with open interiors. Ive tested this handling and flew 500 miles (Gamestats show) away from Los Santos using menyoos autopilot mod to interact. Menyoo has helped me a lot in terms of autopilot and autospeed and allowing me to interact with a simulated dashboard kind of like FSX, but I want to go further with realism. I am also reaching for any devs that have experience with better scripts for autopilot and fpm ascend and descend feature and im also working on other aircrafts to perfect their handling. I also can provide a link to my youtube video of what this mod clearly is, it's quite fascinating. Menyoo, Noboundary limits, Simplespeedometer/Menyoo speedometer Enhanced Cruise Control/Speedlimiter (which helps with departure and taxiing, keeping a consistent speed of 1mph to 600mph so you don't have to keep pressing "W" constantly letting off the gas) and the realistic jet engines mod are the side mods I use to help my handling come more to life. There is certain techniques to flying the aircraft a tad bit similar to fsx, I usually use menyoo auto drive, cruise control and enhanced cruise control to control the flight. My work for this capability has been done using the handling.meta (s). I also simplified it to where you don't need to constantly press W after takeoff. Simply press W when you want to takeoff, gear up and let the plane do its magic and realistically accelerate. I usually feed it gas at 4000m to get it up to realistic cruise speed as I ascend and from there on use the speedlimiter and menyoos cruise control, speedlimiter giving me stable thrust, and menyoo cruise control giving it stable speed giving it more torque. To conclude this, Im looking to enhance this project with more features and evolve it to a similar experience to fsx.

    takeoff: 170-180 mph

    ascend: 190-380 mph

    cruise: 400-680 mph (preferred cruising speed)

    This will allow map makers to really experiment with their euphoria and open world experience, win and have fun! I mean this is 2021, we shouldn't be flying jumbo jets at 250-300 mph even in video games, come on now. Lets evolve together!

    Huge shoutout to the script and model makers of these aircrafts and side mods! Couldnt have done it without you! If you want to PM me on this project feel free to do so.

    Video Link (s):

    takeoff @ 1:10

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