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A mod make the womens wearing hijab and long dress

  • I am Muslim and i want to play GTA V
    But in GTA V there is womens wearing a clothes not allowed in Islam. Because of this I want a mod make the womens wearing hijab
    and long dress that does not show the foot. And thanks very much.

  • Hi, i only know one way to make this, by replacing and editing all female peds "ymt" files and ydd/ytd files, and this requires several hijab 3d models(for variety) , but this will take too much time to make unfortunately, I can give a try for one/two models only if you can find a hijab clothe 3d model.

  • @thebegin10
    First of all thanks very much for replay and try to help me
    İ will search about this and i hope find. İf i find one i will send to you inshallah.
    If you make this mod does that cost some money?

  • @thebegin10
    Hi. Chating here is hard a little. Can you say to me your discord, instagram or any social media username to speak with you easier. Actually i fond 2-3 hijab clothe model but i dont know what you want to use (ready for animation, animated etc.)

  • @JA_GUAR No i can do it for free, an animated model is not very usefull for me(because i need to remake animation), heres my discord: hledev#1891

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JA_GUAR brother i also need this mode, or any mode that can make all women men,did u get the mode?

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