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Traffic popgroups.ymt Problem Please Help.

  • Hello everyone, I try to edit popgroups.ymt to change the cars that spawn in the traffic. Even though I just change the one car to another existing GTA car (Not addon car). The game won't stable and crash after few minutes without error. It's not my PC problem because my PC can run graphic mod and I had the latest scripthook, addon car gameconfig, pack file limit adjuster, heap limit adjuster. I only want the traffic to spawn other default GTA cars. Please tell me how to edit it without crash the game. I really tired default traffic and want to customize my own traffic. Such as I want to replace the peyote by washington. <Item> <Name>peyote</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item> to <Item> <Name>washington</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>
    Before I start to edit the popgroups, my game is very fine. But after edit it, my ingame buildings and roads texture would start flickering. Even though I delete it, and copy a brand new update.rpf put it into mods folder. My game still has flickering issue.

  • the way you are modifying the popgroups is correct, and shouldn't cause any issues, particularly if you are using other Rockstar Vehicles. I would suggest that your issue lies elsewhere in the game. The texture flickering is usually a sign of the game struggling for memory, usually caused by excessively loading assets, either vehicle models without LODs, or multiple MLO interiors loaded in.

  • bad vehicle mods! i always keep vanilla popgroups + previously MODDED popgroups for backup if shit happens and it HAPPENS I just replace it and delete particular mod thaat causes issue. and beforehand i am testing all the mods for 3~5 days all around the city and county lol

    it's a long process but nothing buggy to me so far because i always CHECKING TWICE :)

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