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Re: Menyoo won't work.

  • This is an older problem I see. I'm new to adding mods to GTA V so I watched a few instruction vids for help. Didn't work. I just re-downloaded GTA so it should be latest. Using steam have OpenIV installed (and don't know how to use yet) Have the MeyooSP DLL's and ASI as well as BIN folder. F8 still brings up nothing. All above files/folders are in game main folder. I also have latest ScripthookV (1.021890). Also in game directory. Thanks tp Reacon (moderator) for the link on how to post also.

  • Assuming F8 isn't being used by some other Mod, you likely have the files in the wrong folders. So I would check again.

    I don't use the regular Steam path as I don't want games files on the same drive as my OS.
    Having said, that your ScriptHook, dinput8.dll, and Menyoo.asi files should be in the same folder as GTA5.exe. The menyooStuff folder should be there as well. Leave the menyooStuff files in that folder.

    And don't confuse ScriptHook V with the .dot net versions although you will likely need them all at some point.

    So regardless of what your path is, it should look something like
    steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
    That's where all the files go with respect to Menyoo.
    Once you start getting mods, you will likely need Scripts folders etc. OpenIV has nothing to do with the Menyoo installation.

  • hi I am having the same problem with F8 not working.
    I purchased GTA5 on steam last night and downloaded the menyoo files and followed the instructions. I have have never had mods before so don't know if I have done it right or if there's something simple I need to do to get it working.

    I haven't attempted any other mods as of yet until I get Menyoo sorted.

    I would appreciate any feedback

    regards Jonny

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