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Broken car parts duplicate bug

  • Hi guys !

    I have a problem with one of my vehicle, it works very well but when I lose part of it, the vehicle duplicates ... I have searched for a long time but I cannot find the solution to this problem

    alt text

    The two parts of the glitch car correspond to the two torn doors

    Can you help me with that ?

  • @MDawson Check out the hierarchy. Avoid any duplicated names. I have personally experienced this bug, when I accidentially had more than 1 "chassis".

  • Hi @HRH ! Thank you for your answer ! So ! I checked all the hierarchy but the problem don't come from here.. 😐 I have already extract this vehicle a few months ago and it worked perfectly. there I just reopened my save to extract it again and make another vehicle for EMS... so there is no reason for it to bug like this. 🤔

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