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  • Olá
    queria saber como resolver esse pequeno problema, alguns veículos que eu adicionei ao jogo funcionam perfeitamente, más as partes tunáveis não. No caso seria os arquivos que ficam localizados dentro de vehicle_mods.rpf, e isso não acontece com todos até o momento somente ocorreu como motocicletas. Queria se possível saber porque ocorre e como resolver esse erro.
    Agradeço a ajuda desde já.

    I wanted to know how to solve this small problem, some vehicles that I added to the game work perfectly, but the tunable parts do not. In this case it would be the files that are located inside * vehicle_mods.rpf *, and this does not happen to everyone until the moment it only happened as motorcycles. If possible, I would like to know why it occurs and how to resolve this error.
    Thank you for your help now.

  • Its because you have a modkit ID twice you have to change the number in the carcols and carvariations

  • @Zuraxo where is this modkit ID and how to identify the duplicate? and how to change the name of the carcasses and variations?

  • @DJRasta look in the carcols.meta for the kitname and ID should look something like this:

    <kitName>999_carname_modkit</kitName> (example)
    <id value="999" /> (example)

    and change the numbers to something else maybe a 1000?

    make sure the kitname is the same in carvariations.meta
    should look like this:

    make sure you do it for the right car:

    <modelName>carname</modelName> (example)

    <Item>999_carname_modkit</Item> (example)

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