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New Handling.meta script?

  • Hello everyone, I wanted some advice, in your opinion, is it possible to create a program or function that can change the Handling.meta of a vehicle in game by simply pressing a button?

    I ask this because it would be wonderful to be able to change the behavior of the vehicle according to the situation quickly, for example to do drift, drag races etc., without having to exit the game and replace the Meta file.

    Some time ago I saw a program, if I'm not mistaken by Peppe production, which did something similar.

    Thanks so much everyone for the help.

  • thank you so much, but I saw that this script has a different function, I meant something simpler, which allows you to quickly switch between two different meta files during the game.
    I gave the example of the PeppeProduction program because it had the F5 key which immediately injected the modified metafile during the game.

    Edit Handling, on the other hand, changes individual parameters, it does not replace the entire metafile by pressing a key.

    But I thank you because the program you recommended will be exceptional for simplified editing of meta files. Thanks again

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