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Would be nice to have Youtube native.

  • Just kidding. But with my goal to use GTAV for educational purposes, I thought it would be fun to integrate videos easily (or at least simulate them) without have to mess around with overlays in video editing software. So while I did need to use DVR 16, it was only to merge clips. The video part was done in Power Point, the animations are from Mixamo.

    This was just a test. Realized I need to adjust the p/r/y of my prop as well for it to be perfectly in the proper plane.

  • @JohnFromGWN Or you could just as easily put in any YouTube video.

  • It is possible to display BIK videos on surfaces if i remember correct. Its not something i have done, but someone around here should know.

  • @mcal9909 That would be very cool if it is stable, i guess it would have to go ontick?

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