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OpenIV and Mod Manager Help!

  • Completely new to modding GTA V and want to give a couple of mod's a try (below) and have some questions:


    1)Both of these seem to recommend installing via a program called openIV - however interested to install then via the mod manager so I can switch between single player and online easily - is it possible to install them via
    the mod manger? (if yes how can you do this)
    2)Will i need to install the hook and hook.net software directly onto to the game for mods to work?
    3)Actually downloaded the OIV file and can see its an auto install .exe -can it be used/installed with mod manager?
    4)Can see the mod manager seems to setup a rule on windows firewall - I run win10 but use G Data internet security - will mod manager automatically change the rules for my G Data anti virus as it seems to do with windows firewall or would I need to do something manually? any help appreciated....

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