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  • Why should I make a copy of GTA5, I bought it on steam and started playing it with mods, but every video giving a tutorial of how to download mods always say to make a copy of GTA5, why? what does it do and how do you switch between them?


    @Ermine6 no need to make a copy, just use a mods folder

  • its always a good idea to keep a backup of your game, as its very easy to do something game breaking when modding. Its a lot easier to copy your mods folder from your backup than it is trying to work out what you did wrong and how to fix it. Personally I have 3 copies of GTA; The main game I use and play with modded SP. A backup of the last reliably working mods and associated game files, and a completely unmodified vanilla game, just in case things go really wrong.

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