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Addon Vehicle Texture Glitch

  • Certain cars that I've added have weird texture issues, mainly in the interior or interior mods, or on intercoolers. Haven't had any texture bugs on anything else. Main vehicles I'm having an issue with is the Penumbra Retro by RezaM39 and the Slamvan 4x4 by WibFlip, there are some other ones but those are the most notable examples. Wondering if the issue is with the car itself? Or maybe with a conflicting mod or script mod. Aside from other addon cars, I've got Vanillaworks, Dispatchworks as the "biggest" addons, and just some other script mods. I've had a feeling that VW is conflicting with certain addon cars, but some cars in VW like the S-230 have some texture errors too, even before having addon cars installed. I dont know, some help would be much appreciated!

  • You'll often see glitched body textures when the ytd is missing a blank.png. add a small 2x2 px transparent image called blank.png and that should fix it. I know it will on the Penumbra Retro as I had the same issue. I'm not sure about wibs 4x4 as I don't recall that having an issue.

  • Yea thanks, I'll give it a shot!
    With wibs 4x4, on the rear bed addon when it adds the trophy truck like setup the cooling system is a weird mix of textures, I'd assume the same issue so I'll try the same thing with that.

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