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Who can tell me AutoloadMaps Why is there no response?

  • I installed some map mods, and the manual says to install AutoloadMaps in scripts,I installed it according to its meaning, but when I entered the game, I did not see the map automatically load.
    how to solve this problem?

  • @kurobane Can you please link the map mod you are trying to autoload so more info can be provided. I imagine its map editor xml files.

    Also ensure:-

    1. All Map editor requirements are fulfilled.
    2. Files placed correctly in correct folders.

    You can also contact on discord.

    If you have installed map editor correctly and can use it in-game then all required to do is add a autoload folder in scripts folder with map editor and putting xml files in the Autoload folder. It should load automatically.

  • @Yogeshk Thank you very much. The problem has been solved. It turned out that I didn't install the map editor. I thought that the map could be loaded automatically after the folder was created.

  • @kurobane Good to know. Mark it solved if done so.

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