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How do I increase my FPS? (computer specs/summary attached)

  • http://imgur.com/mwWhPmo


    Typically, when driving my FPS drops to 25-20fps (just driving) and I use GeForce Experience to Optimize it and Razor Cortex to boost it.

    Here are my graphic settings



    Can someone please tell me what I need to do to increase my FPS? Preferably without spending any money, but if I have too - what do I need to upgrade?
    I feel like it's my graphics card (obviously) but I'm not sure if my current setup can handle it. My current graphics card already barely fits in the case, and my mother board only has one graphics card slot. I'm also worried my power supply might not handle a 1080 or whatever.

    As for mods, my directory is pretty basic. Raiders Blood and Violence, Menyoo and EUP Clothing Pack or whatever. Thats basically it. Max Paynes Glock. Scene Director.

    I can post more info if needed.

    Please, I really want to continue making Machinima.

  • @House-Rushton You have a GTX 960 right?
    Of course, you will get better FPS if you change your graphics card.
    I don't recommend running game boosters.
    I don't think RAM has to much on the FPS, I dropped my RAM from 24 to 8 to check, no noticeable difference.

    Extending the draw distance can slow down the game.
    Close unnecessary apps when running the game.

    Enable Triple Buffering. I think it may help FPS.
    If not, Disable VSync. Since you don't get to 60FPS, tearing won't appear.

  • @Akila_Reigns How much of a difference is there between a 960 and GTX 970?
    I really don't want to sacrifice draw distance, and even when I have it set to half way, the FPS still drops.

    Whats the down side to Enable Triple Buffering and disabling VSync?

    and how much will my in-game FPS affect my recordings in R* Editor since the game records the actions of everything in the recording and then recreates them? Do you or anyone else have any idea?

  • @House-Rushton I don't know the differences between those two cards, sorry.
    You can export your videos in 60 FPS in Rockstar Editor.

  • @Akila_Reigns Okay I thought so, hopefully there isn't some sort of a downside to that though.
    I use to get 62fps, but now it's between 20-30
    I use to have more mods, I don't understand what's going wrong.

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