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[Global.gxt2] what do these lines mean actully?

  • any ideas? i much appriciate any help. are these Hashes for spawning?

    0x03AC3C86 = Hatchet

    0x04B1F9C4 = Spanish Flag

    0x0679ACC8 = Turkish Flag

    0x0E2C013E = Sprunk Buffalo

    0x0E63BC98 = Welsh Flag

    0x1D390A07 = Mexican Flag

    0x2B26F456 = Dukes

    0x3DEE5EDA = Blista Compact

    0x6C1F375C = Pisswasser Dominator

    0x6C2327DE = Colombian Flag

    0x6F9AAEC9 = Swiss Flag


    0x7D0C49AC = Italian Flag

    0x8D963593 = the Hatchet

    0x8E40FD1B = Railgun kills

    0x9F42386D = All you need to know is - magnets, and it does horrible things to the things it's pointed at.

    0x12BBF16B = Kraken

    0x14D22159 = Redwood Gauntlet

    0x26A185A4 = the Railgun

    0x49B1B65B = Standard capacity for Railgun.

    0x79D1C33B = Jamaican Flag

    0x81F92C0D = HATCHET

    0x84DF7A1D = Canadian Flag

    0x92CE7530 = British Flag

    0x217CE2CA = English Flag

    0x409ED0D2 = Swedish Flag

    0x5537B551 = RAILGUN

    0x5674FC7E = Norwegian Flag

    0x9269CE0A = Railgun

    0x9905A26D = French Flag

    0x331235B9 = Belgian Flag

    0xA0791085 = Scottish Flag

    0xAF4BCEF9 = German Flag

    0xB1ADB2E6 = Hatchet kills

    0xB5B4DB0D = Make kindling... of your pals with this easy to wield, easy to hide hatchet.

    0xBDC8EBF3 = Japanese Flag

    0xCA495705 = Dodo

    0xD0B94148 = Austrian Flag

    0xD1F99454 = American Flag

    0xDB6B4924 = Xero Blimp

    0xDCBC1C3B = Go Go Monkey Blista

    0xE03D30DB = Australian Flag

    0xE2E8E5A7 = Russian Flag

    0xE80F67EE = Burger Shot Stallion

    0xEC8F7094 = Duke O'Death

    0xF6775D4F = Brazilian Flag

    0xF4470863 = Argentinian Flag

    0xFC331837 = Irish Flag

    MARSHALL = Marshall

    STALION = Stallion

  • @FoxtrotDelta it shows the correct ingame names, on the right side, when you enter a vehicle. also in lsc and the tuningparts in lsc. you can create these hashes with openiv hash editor. i do this for all my addons

  • @TobsiCred the thing is, i want to be able to , attach American Flag on top of my Tank. i left a dummy on top of the tank. i want to the flag to, spawn on top of that dummy position. any ideas?

  • @TobsiCred For example as Mod kit? Just like. all the bobble_base and Bobble_heads are present in DLC as seperate yft files. and when you go to the car shop. you can attach different kind's of bobble_heads on top of your car's Dashboard. ontop of the dummies present there. i want to put a working Flag Tonight! :P Thanks for your input though.

  • @FoxtrotDelta do you mean in zmodeler? or is the flag already ingame? the global file is only for showing the correct names. if you want a flag on your tank, you can do this as an tuningpart in lsc and then even add it with trainer, or you add the flag in zmodeler like any other node and rename it to extra_1. then it spawns ever with your vehicle but you can detach it with Trainer or you called it extra_11 then it spawns randomly with your vehicle and you can even attach detach it with a trainer ingame

  • @FoxtrotDelta ok you are writing faster than i can read ;) as modkit. so you have to add tuningparts to your addon. yes you do a dummy helper in zmodeler, name it for example tankname_flag_1, then you put your flag node into it. in zmodeler go to export and type in tankname_flag_1, choose autodetect. thats it with the part. now you can enter a name in the hash generator of openiv and add it to the global file, but this is not a musthave. you now have to activate tuning parts for your addon tank, put the flag to your tank addon and activate it with a shop_vehicle file, also a modkit in carvariations and you have to make the tuningpart available in lsc in the carcols file. so this is a very good explanation from @ImNotMentaL that shows you the whole process when you build an addon http://www2.imnotmental.xyz/guide/add-on-vehicles-tutorial/ there you can see how to add tuningparts/modkits. if you have any questions you can ask me again

  • @TobsiCred well if one imports a flag into zm3 it. does not move with air, looses its properties. i am trying to attach an ingame Flag. like the one above 0xD1F99454 = American Flag on top of my tank's dummy. but i think you somewhat provided useful information, regarding tuning parts. mod kits. the reason why i am asking is, there is no Cloth shader support in zm3. so i am opting to use Ready made in Game Flag . so that it would be as the original Flag. Thank you :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta i`ve done many tuningparts for my e21 actually, so i know the process now :smile: when you have your addon ready for the modkit i can send you the correct code for your carcols that the camera in lsc goes to the roof when you will add a roof feature and so on. if you have problems creating the addon, tell me we can do it together

  • @FoxtrotDelta oh ok understand, yes thats a problem with "animated" stuff. this doesnt work as tuningpart, when you have the name of the prop (i mean the filename not the one in global file) you can add it with menyoo, dont know if the animation work correctly but i think so

  • @TobsiCred Thanks for your Help. i think I got it. i will just follow how Rockstar Did it, in the first place. using [vehiclemods] Folder

  • @FoxtrotDelta yes but you have to activate/link it in content.xml in your addon. but like you said its not animated. the bubble_heads are only animated because they use a ingame "script" to work but i think you cant do this as a modkit. you can change a bubblehead file into a flag file but then you lost a bubblehead :laughing:

  • @TobsiCred bobble head was just an example. it could be even a Bumper. and yes i know how to create DLC add ons . LOL. just didn't know how to put a prop on top of a vehicle as an add-on or tunning part. Thank you Much helped.
    i shall show a working Flag's video Clip if i get it to Work.

  • @FoxtrotDelta These are hashes to spawn the flag props. You can just spawn a flag and then attach it to the correct bone/dummy.

  • @Oskar yes yes ~! that's my intention!!! i am learning. i might get that Flag on top of my tank tonight. God willing. Tell me more

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