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[Global.gxt2] what do these lines mean actully?

  • any ideas? i much appriciate any help. are these Hashes for spawning?

    0x03AC3C86 = Hatchet

    0x04B1F9C4 = Spanish Flag

    0x0679ACC8 = Turkish Flag

    0x0E2C013E = Sprunk Buffalo

    0x0E63BC98 = Welsh Flag

    0x1D390A07 = Mexican Flag

    0x2B26F456 = Dukes

    0x3DEE5EDA = Blista Compact

    0x6C1F375C = Pisswasser Dominator

    0x6C2327DE = Colombian Flag

    0x6F9AAEC9 = Swiss Flag


    0x7D0C49AC = Italian Flag

    0x8D963593 = the Hatchet

    0x8E40FD1B = Railgun kills

    0x9F42386D = All you need to know is - magnets, and it does horrible things to the things it's pointed at.

    0x12BBF16B = Kraken

    0x14D22159 = Redwood Gauntlet

    0x26A185A4 = the Railgun

    0x49B1B65B = Standard capacity for Railgun.

    0x79D1C33B = Jamaican Flag

    0x81F92C0D = HATCHET

    0x84DF7A1D = Canadian Flag

    0x92CE7530 = British Flag

    0x217CE2CA = English Flag

    0x409ED0D2 = Swedish Flag

    0x5537B551 = RAILGUN

    0x5674FC7E = Norwegian Flag

    0x9269CE0A = Railgun

    0x9905A26D = French Flag

    0x331235B9 = Belgian Flag

    0xA0791085 = Scottish Flag

    0xAF4BCEF9 = German Flag

    0xB1ADB2E6 = Hatchet kills

    0xB5B4DB0D = Make kindling... of your pals with this easy to wield, easy to hide hatchet.

    0xBDC8EBF3 = Japanese Flag

    0xCA495705 = Dodo

    0xD0B94148 = Austrian Flag

    0xD1F99454 = American Flag

    0xDB6B4924 = Xero Blimp

    0xDCBC1C3B = Go Go Monkey Blista

    0xE03D30DB = Australian Flag

    0xE2E8E5A7 = Russian Flag

    0xE80F67EE = Burger Shot Stallion

    0xEC8F7094 = Duke O'Death

    0xF6775D4F = Brazilian Flag

    0xF4470863 = Argentinian Flag

    0xFC331837 = Irish Flag

    MARSHALL = Marshall

    STALION = Stallion

  • @TobsiCred the thing is, i want to be able to , attach American Flag on top of my Tank. i left a dummy on top of the tank. i want to the flag to, spawn on top of that dummy position. any ideas?

  • @TobsiCred For example as Mod kit? Just like. all the bobble_base and Bobble_heads are present in DLC as seperate yft files. and when you go to the car shop. you can attach different kind's of bobble_heads on top of your car's Dashboard. ontop of the dummies present there. i want to put a working Flag Tonight! :P Thanks for your input though.

  • @TobsiCred well if one imports a flag into zm3 it. does not move with air, looses its properties. i am trying to attach an ingame Flag. like the one above 0xD1F99454 = American Flag on top of my tank's dummy. but i think you somewhat provided useful information, regarding tuning parts. mod kits. the reason why i am asking is, there is no Cloth shader support in zm3. so i am opting to use Ready made in Game Flag . so that it would be as the original Flag. Thank you :)

  • @TobsiCred Thanks for your Help. i think I got it. i will just follow how Rockstar Did it, in the first place. using [vehiclemods] Folder

  • @TobsiCred bobble head was just an example. it could be even a Bumper. and yes i know how to create DLC add ons . LOL. just didn't know how to put a prop on top of a vehicle as an add-on or tunning part. Thank you Much helped.
    i shall show a working Flag's video Clip if i get it to Work.

  • @FoxtrotDelta These are hashes to spawn the flag props. You can just spawn a flag and then attach it to the correct bone/dummy.

  • @Oskar yes yes ~! that's my intention!!! i am learning. i might get that Flag on top of my tank tonight. God willing. Tell me more

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