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Scripting Vision Hax's and Filters

  • Without plodding through the Menyoo source code, does anyone know if it's possible to script filters like the ones in Menyoo's Vision Hax?
    I've looked at the Natives and the SHVDN docs and there doesn't seem to be any related functions.
    I think desaturating and then resaturating would be a cool effect - without having to do it in post-processing.
    Don't use the RS Editor so that would not be an option.

  • Menyoo uses SET_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER and SET_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER_STRENGTH for "vision hax." Menyoo's list of timecycle modifiers can be found in TimecycModifiers.xml. A full list can be found here: https://github.com/DurtyFree/gta-v-data-dumps/blob/master/timecycleModifiers.json

  • thanks! I searched for saturate...should've been "sat"

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