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ZModeler3 Custom Liveries don't work

  • Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    I've been working on a vehicle, created a UV for the Livery.
    Created a template for it, and now it doesn't show that it load any liveries at all.

    The tuning tool has the option grayed out.

    What I did so far:

    • Added FLAG_HAS_LIVERY to vehicles.meta
    • Applied paint:3 to material vehicle_generic_smallspecmap [PAINT:1].
      That's how the vanilla vehicles work with liveries. I thought It might do the job.
      alt text

    Thank you in advance - I'm confused and don't know what else I should try.
    Stay safe & healthy :mask: <3

    Solved by a friend:
    The DETAIL2 has to be set to the livery.dds, which somehow got reset.

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