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Will i get banned for downloading a savegame file which is already completed

  • Does an already-100%-completed savefile (downloaded online) count as modded. i want to play gta:o but i dont want to risk getting banned

  • If it counted as modded than anyone who finished the game would be banned online, right?

  • It won't get you banned!

    it is singleplayer, you've the right to do everything you want to your local game.
    That includes savegames... In this case it's like lying to GTA V that you already completed it.

    A 100% Savegame often comes with archievements and similar, which doesn't count as a hack neither!

    Any other questions? Feel free to reply!
    :mask: Stay safe & healthy

  • @FluffyPotato
    oo well I thought it would show u the 'you are attempting to play gta:o with an altered version of the game"
    Thanks so much! (and u too stay safe)

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