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UK Busses.

  • Hello guys, can someone make these mods or if they know anyone who already made but have not published yet? i would love to see these mods in game for the bus lovers. Also if someone makes it and wishes to put on patreon i would love to subscribe and purchase few mods.

    1. Arriva 7506 Alexander Dennis - ( https://ibb.co/Yf2RY9z )
    2. Wright Gemini 2 - ( https://ibb.co/stFjM0t )
    3. Daimler Fleetline - ( https://ibb.co/P5Z43hz )
    4. arriva alx400 - ( https://ibb.co/hHQkjB1 )

    Mostly i am looking for the Daimler Fleetline and Arriva 7506 Alexander Dennis model if possible. Thank you.

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