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[README] Asking Questions: Done right

  • Hello everyone!

    There're a lot questions made, without the question mark.
    Which prevents the ability to be marked as solved.
    Here I'll explain you how exactly you can ask a question.

    What you should keep in mind and how to raise your chance of getting a reply!

    The Title

    After you marked it as a question, choose a short yet outstanding text.

    Bad Example
    My script is not working since yesterday morning so maybe help...

    Good Example
    C# - Script throwing error - Scripthook Vers. 1337

    The Content

    Instead of slamming together some basic information about your problem, consider making it as detailed as possible.
    If you don't, you've to wait for a response, only to get that:
    No clue, what your problem is. Could you explain more? Maybe a Picture?

    Sometimes it's hard, to know what is important.
    The importance is based on the value of:

    • Could it be different to others
    • Time, Situation or reason the problem occured
    • What did I do to caused it

    Those questions are very variable and can't be pre-defined.

    Changing Topic Type

    You can actually ask a question, as one.

    Changing Topic type to a question

    Solving Questions

    Once you've asked a question, you can mark it as solved.

    Which gives you two options:

    • Mark the topic as solved:
      Changing Topic type to a question

    • Mark solved by comment

    This topic was totally serious!
    If it helped you, feel free to upvote it.
    Besides that I wish those who want contribute by replying.

    Best regards.

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