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Interior Lights and other issues?

  • Running Menyoo trainer and noticed when I load an add on car they all have very strong interior lights which reflect onto the road around the car (maybe there is some option been enabled in the trainer?) - anyone any idea how I can disable these on Menyoo trainer or somewhere else?(have found an LED lights option but does not seem to disable this effect)

    Also I noticed on some of my police cars getting a very strong light/bloom off the back of them during the day (ones with white paint) - anyone any idea how to disable this?

  • Privet Comrad mac22...

    I would rather say is a problem of the vehicles meta files.
    That couldn't get caused by the trainer.

    Maybe you should check the comment section of the corresponding mod for any details.

  • thanks for the reply.
    actually pretty sure it isn't a meta issue as every add on car I spawn now seems to have a blue lighting below it and in the interior (which I can't seem to turn off) seems to be some kind of LED lightning effect but changing the led lighting settings don't change it - I think originally I got the effect by changing some thing within the menyoo trainer (saved that car) but now it seems to have applied itself to all addon cars since then that I spawn through Menyoo.....

    Update:Had it again today - was playing Michael in SP and got the color effect (in the car interior and under the car) every time I either spawned an add on car for him or jumped in a random car! (really weird because LED light options will not disable it) - so the effected seems to be saved across all mods/vehicles

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